Journey to Tarot AI – Beginning

My Name is Ed Hubbard, and I have been a lifelong Tarot Reader. One year ago, September of 2016, I began a process that led me to rethink and relearn Tarot after decades of practice. I began a journey to lead my team and I to begin the Tarot AI (Artificial Intuition) project. This came about as I was working on building a new psychic fair, one that was cross-disciplinary and presented a fuller experience for participants. While this fair was still-born, I became aware of the idea and need for a strong Tarot presence in the future.

The current Tarot market had become fully commercialized, with a constant supply of new decks based on iterations of Tarot and Oracle decks, and a massive amount of content based on books, databases, blogs, and forums. The individuals I knew as Tarot Readers were so similar that I could barely tell a difference between the readings done by a young 23-year old reader and a practitioner of the art for 40 years. Each of the last three generations of readers have developed a perfected system. I realized that the current training method of Tarot was industrially based.

In fact, Tarot is a fully industrial age system, that could only exist in the world of mass production. Each generation takes the basic templates laid down in the early part of the 20th century, and rejuvenates them for the themselves, whatever era they lived in. Tarot has, in fact, become subject to the whims of the marketplace, no different then luxury items like books, clothing, and jewelry. Simply put, Tarot is a tool of prediction created directly out of the industrial age, taught by rote and intuition, turned into a billion-plus dollar a year industry in the USA and Europe. In the early 20th century, the Tarot Industrial System was born.

This realization of the Tarot Industrial System existence told me that a new deck would make no difference to the Tarot Industry or how Tarot is consumed by querents and readers alike. The fact that readings I received from a millennial, an Xer, and a Baby Boomer read the cards exactly the same way, with only minor style differences, showed me the Tarot Industrial System was at the heart of the Tarot Collective Consciousness, freezing it into place.

The question: was I too a Tarot Industrial Reader?


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